Wish I had known you… then!

Indulging in a FB fix (Yes! I caved!) one evening, I was going through statuses and even more importantly comments to statuses nodding my head in disbelief and sending me years back in thoughts. Sometimes you go to school or are part of a group of people you know superficially. You slot people based on your stereotypes filing them mentally into classes. Geek, Nerd, Popular, Goody Two Shoes so on and so forth.

Then on a slow weekday evening like this you run into them commenting and expressing themselves so contrary to your image of them that it shocks you into action. You wonder where this person was hiding while you actually thought you knew them. You scratch your head and wonder how much more you missed out in life because you chose to have blinders on.

A friend once wrote to me “I sure am glad I am getting a second chance to get to know you.” and today I realize what she meant. I feel cheated out of so many years of the *not* knowing. Bah!

6 thoughts on “Wish I had known you… then!

  1. Have come to learn that everyone deserves a second chance. First impressions are not always the best impression 🙂

  2. Agree with what you are saying..sometimes we form totally wrong opinions..but people also change with their life experiences..I have seen people mellow down after they have had strong events in their lives..When I look back into my life, I am surprised to realize how much I have changed with the life experiences I have had 🙂

  3. Hi Laksh,

    Yup.. exactly.. getting (re)connected to my college and school friends and also many new ones.. Facebook is amazing..

    Btw, whats your account, pls add me .. my account is Yazhini Sivakumar yazhini_sk@yahoo.co.in.


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