Letters to my daughters: First day of school

Dearest Kay and Cee,

It’s just past noon today. A good two and half hours since Appa and I dropped you off at your school/daycare. I sit picking at my lunch and wondering if they changed your diaper. If you have been fed. If you are happy. If you are looking for paati or us. A whole bunch of questions that are rhetorical. I would have heard from the school by now if you did not want to be there.

Taking a step back the run up to today has been momentous in my mind. A milestone of sorts. As I sorted and packed and labeled your belongings late yesternight, I realized I was working away my nervousness. Yes. I was and am very anxious for you two. I can’t put my finger on what it is. I want you to be happy, to have fun playing with your new classmates. To feel comfortable with your teacher. Yet, I am also a bit sad that you were content and happy to transition with nary a tear.

I am not sure if today is a predictor of the years ahead. All I know and want for you to know is that I wish for you both a lifetime of fun and learning. A spirit of adventure as you venture into anything new. I want you to be fearless about trying new things. I want you to keep on going even if you stumble and fall. Pick yourself up, look back and know that Amma/Appa are watching and behind you every step of the way. Sometimes even as you round the bend and you can no longer see us, know that we are there. We will always be there.

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Letters to my daughters: First day of school

  1. A moving letter to your lovely daughters, Laksh.
    -From a mom who had the exact same feeling this morning dropping her daughter at school.

  2. Very touching letter. I’m sure it is not the predictor of years ahead. The more we love them the more love we get back.
    That’s law of karma

  3. Congratulations, Laksh. That’s what success looks like in a mom’s books – the kids are happy to go by themselves. And they can do this because they know you both are there! Way to go, Mom!

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