Falling in love

Staring at the Facebook page, deep in thought, looking for material for a paper due in a couple of weeks, I saw the reds flash on the baby monitor followed by wails from Cee. Closing the monitor in a hurry, I jumped off the couch and bounded up the stairs to pick her before her sister woke. Lifting her by feel rather than sight, I felt her weight on my shoulder, cheeks nuzzling my neck. Rocking gently I made my way to our bedroom. Startled by the lights in the room below, she whimpered and looked around.

Mentally preparing for a long night, I sat on the bed, rocking her back and forth and gently stretching back till we were both prone. As I slid her to my side, she adjusted herself to the contours of my frame and for a few precious minutes, I lay with my hands playing with her soft hair. I felt her chest rise and fall in even breathing even as her cheek nuzzled against my neck. Eyes adjusting to the dim lighting, I gazed at her for what seemed eternity.

Watching K gently peel her away from the bed and onto her crib, I walked thoughtfully downstairs. Motherhood today for me means falling in love again and again and again…

4 thoughts on “Falling in love

  1. They don’t do it at four+.

    Yesterday was a lazy day, the girls sitting on the couch and were watching TV I was lying on the floor reading a book. I called for the older one to come and lie on me and she said no. I picked the younger one and put her one me, adjusting her position on my body, after two minutes she said, “Amma are we done? I am going to the couch.” Sigh.

    So enjoy it while it lasts.

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