Bloggy speed dial

Each day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at lunch, some other days as I retire for the night, I run through a list of blogs that are on my ‘speed dial’ of sorts in my head. I call it my daily fix. Much like coffee or email. I *need* to read these blogs. Some clue me into their lives. Some provide a smile. Some others pull at my gut for one reason or the other. Some I enjoy for the sheer poetry in their words. Some for the emotions that spill. Each of these blogs are special to me in some way. The list grows and shrinks over time. Some of these I know in real life so they appeal to me. Some I recently stumbled upon and have been hooked since. Some others I have been a long time lurker enjoying the posts from the sidelines.

In no particular order are the ones I read today and felt like sharing.

Katie at Mamapundit
UL at Diaries
Shankari at Narad Tales
Mad Momma at The Mad Momma
Boo at Boo’s Baby Talk
IHM at The Life and Times of an Indian Home Maker
Starry at Things do not change… until we change!
Rachel at Barren Woman

So, do tell, what are YOU reading today?

6 thoughts on “Bloggy speed dial

  1. *does a happy dance* I made the list.. I made the list.. nananana-naanaa!! 🙂

    Okay, back to normal now, I read 4th,5th,6th and 7th in your list and Shruti’s and Art’s blog.

  2. I am regular at yours and ULs. Others from your list, IHM and The Mad Momma( I see your comments there occasionally)

    then I have few more I read regularly. Suman’s, Justsomeone, Anamika(when she posts), Agelessbonding, Sepia Mutiny, Rasam for the soul:)(when they cook something..hahaha)! I am too lazy to link.

  3. I go to ArtNavy’s blog and read the newest ones listed on her blog roll. Of course I read urs and mydiariesuploaded(linked from yours) and if bored go over to and go through that list sometime.

  4. Oh I am so touched…thanks for reading Laksh…I couldn’t write in a vacuum, and I love reading your blog too. I have to update my blogroll and Dashboard, but am rather frozen these days waiting to hear updates from IHM…her blog is a sustaining one for me, and I wish this had not hit her family 😦

  5. I liked the title of the post. My daily fix includes a few on your list, 2,3,4,5,7, as well as the ones that Shy has mentioned. I have been meaning to see if LJ offers some sort of blog roll so that I can list my “daily fix” in there. For now, it’s the good old reader!

  6. You of course! I missed over a month of posts….so been catching up ….so glad to see you back…. and thank you for adding me on to this list… i feel honored….

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