Friends are like wine…

they get better with age.

This weekend, the whole van-load of us, K, my mom, the girls and I decided to brave our first road trip of sorts. It was not one long stretch rather a day full of driving with breaks in between. The girls fared well and we ended our day with dinner plans with my friend Shankari.

Shankari and I go back a decade now. But we really became friends only over past few years. It’s interesting how physical proximity and similar life situations can forge bonds that did not exist before. As we entered her home,  wafts of delicious home cooked food greeted us as did tiny faces behind the porch screen. We were there a little over two hours talking, laughing, sharing toys, eating till we could burst and carrying home gifts of love and fond memories.

On our drive back, these words “friends are like wine, they get better as they age” kept circling in my head. As we grow and weather many life situations, our friends grow with us. They share in the ups and downs and stand as visual proof of the life we have led. Sitting across my friend in her kitchen with my mom on one side, the girls squealing and running in the other room, K and her hubby catching up on another sofa, it was a moment frozen in time for me. For not many years ago, it was just the four of us. Same rooms, same sofas now bearing witness to our changes.

It’s times like these that make me send thanks heavenward for all the blessings we have. Family, friends and love.

5 thoughts on “Friends are like wine…

  1. I totally agree with the title. Glad that you guys had a wonderful time. I missed it from West coast for sure 😦

  2. “They share in the ups and downs and stand as visual proof of the life we have led.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!! Absolutely agree.

  3. Loved the thought “friends are like wine …”
    You are very right, physical proximity adds a lot to the bonding and love that blossoms with time amongst friends 🙂 🙂

    Keep up the good work 😛


  4. Eppoya thrippi blog panna aaramichai? I saw couple of days ago and I got the message saying the blog was protected. Though I kept seeing traffic from your blog, I thought it might be people who had access to your blog that were coming here. Never thought of checking whether you are back!

    I am so glad that you are back..and gladder to be in your blog!!! Love the new blog template, it is so pleasing to the eye.

    We were very thrilled to see you here with the kids. Like you said, same people, same roof, same sofas, similar discussions peppered with squeals and laughter. While the old was enjoyed and fondly remembered, the new is loved and cherished. Here’s to friendship Laksh! Glad you are back.

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