Because I can

“Why did you arrange the mugs at this end?” asked a visibly annoyed K trying to bring order to the chaos that was our dishwasher. Smiling and winking I said “because I can?”. The rest of the exchange is immaterial but the phrase “because I can” is symbolic of where I am right now.

I have often wondered on the power of words. Some just catch on and serve as an anchor on days when there is little else to hang on to. As I sit back looking at the maze of unread emails on my system and feel like I want to crawl back into bed and forget about everything else, I push back and attack it one by one.

Because I can. Because I should.

I wonder if this can be a rallying cry for me in other areas you know like de-cluttering, going green, digging into my pockets for a cause and being happy.

Happy Friday folks!

7 thoughts on “Because I can

  1. Hey laksh, is that Obama effect ‘yes we can’?
    only kidding..I think possibilities are endless adn may be we haven’t tried out all the possible ‘can’ ways.

    have a great weeeknd

  2. A fun slogan indeed!

    To me this week the question – where can I make the most impact?- has been driving my behavior and actions. Have a good weekend Laksh.

  3. I had a smirk on my face as well when I read – ‘because I can..’ Going to try that to someone.. it’s catchy.. 🙂

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