Learning on the go

Stepping out my shower, I heard Amma’s voice unusually calm asking “Are you done? Please come out. Cee is bleeding.”. My heart jumped into my throat. Imagining the worst, I was out as soon as I could to see Amma holding a rather bloodied child. Her face was smeared with dried blood. Her hands stained red and patches of red elsewhere. I was in shock not knowing what was happening. Reassured that she did not seem to be in any pain but was rather sleepy and smiling, I gingerly placed her on the countertop in the bathroom, sponging away the blood. Once all traces were removed, I realized it was a nose bleed and my heart slowed a little.

Calling K just in case we did need to go the doctor, I next dialed the pediatrician office. They were quick to reassure me that it was fairly common and outlined what I needed to do the next time this happened. Half hour later I was on my way to class my mind in overdrive reliving the traumatic few minutes when I saw Cee like that.

I knew when I took on the mantle of motherhood, that there would be times when my heart would be in my mouth and I would forever be imagining crazy situations but the first time it happened, I surprised myself by how calm I seemed. No histrionics. Just calmness that was pervasive. It also brought on the realization that things are really not as bad as they seem. I also realized I sorely needed a first aid kit at home.

Ahh! the things we learn as we go.

4 thoughts on “Learning on the go

  1. there is something with motherhood … we are calm at the worst situation . and later we wonder how we were so….. but again even the slightest thoughts of mishap we cannot bear. Its prayers and prayers that always lead a mother i feel.

  2. Gosh! I’m like that too…very calm, almost cold, it drives my hubby crazy. But I feel what the situation calls for at that moment is clear thinking and effective action, not freaking out and running here and there! Glad she’s okay.

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