An open mind equals a fun experience

Running behind active toddlers in a narrow aisle inside our local desi grocers, we were all set to leave when the owner pulled out a brand new tamil DVD. You are the first to have this she beamed slicing open the shiny plastic wrap. Singam proclaimed the front cover with a rather smart Surya sporting a ridiculous moustache. Looking askance to K, we decided to rent it on a whim.

Am rather snobbish when it comes to movies and tamil ones in particular. Settling down late Saturday night after a rather busy day Amma, K and I savored the silence before the movie started. We were about a third into the movie when a high pitch wail from the girls’ room meant watching the movie in instalments.

Turning the lights off when silence reigned again, I went to bed wondering how much I enjoyed whatever little I saw of the movie. Setting aside my snobbery for a while, I enjoyed it for what it was – an action packed entertainer. Watching the rest of the movie a day later, I understood why an open mind is so important. I could pick the movie apart a hundred different ways yet I stopped. Just savoring it for what it was.

I wonder if the same lessons can be applied elsewhere. Hmmm!


  1. Laksh, love love the new template. feels very artistic and indian.

    glad you enjoyed the movie, in pieces. let go of the plans and go on implulse , atleast once in a while…it is very gratifying, just like you experienced.
    love to kutties.
    note: happy to see your posts again. will always come here to check, but no pressures.

  2. Not sure if I would extrapolate the same for other things in life. But atleast with respect to movies, I have enjoyed the ones that I have been to without reading any reviews.

    Second Shy, love the new look and feel although I liked the other one with white background and in columns better.

  3. hahahah.. so some prayers do get answered feel nice to read you.
    as and when u feel without any pressure do write.

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