An open mind equals a fun experience

Running behind active toddlers in a narrow aisle inside our local desi grocers, we were all set to leave when the owner pulled out a brand new tamil DVD. You are the first to have this she beamed slicing open the shiny plastic wrap. Singam proclaimed the front cover with a rather smart Surya sporting a ridiculous moustache. Looking askance to K, we decided to rent it on a whim.

Am rather snobbish when it comes to movies and tamil ones in particular. Settling down late Saturday night after a rather busy day Amma, K and I savored the silence before the movie started. We were about a third into the movie when a high pitch wail from the girls’ room meant watching the movie in instalments.

Turning the lights off when silence reigned again, I went to bed wondering how much I enjoyed whatever little I saw of the movie. Setting aside my snobbery for a while, I enjoyed it for what it was – an action packed entertainer. Watching the rest of the movie a day later, I understood why an open mind is so important. I could pick the movie apart a hundred different ways yet I stopped. Just savoring it for what it was.

I wonder if the same lessons can be applied elsewhere. Hmmm!

4 thoughts on “An open mind equals a fun experience

  1. Laksh, love love the new template. feels very artistic and indian.

    glad you enjoyed the movie, in pieces. let go of the plans and go on implulse , atleast once in a while…it is very gratifying, just like you experienced.
    love to kutties.
    note: happy to see your posts again. will always come here to check, but no pressures.

  2. Not sure if I would extrapolate the same for other things in life. But atleast with respect to movies, I have enjoyed the ones that I have been to without reading any reviews.

    Second Shy, love the new look and feel although I liked the other one with white background and in columns better.

  3. hahahah.. so some prayers do get answered feel nice to read you.
    as and when u feel without any pressure do write.

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