I give up!

Ok. Am giving up the pretense of trying to stay away. A break ain’t no break unless I really stay away. So shamelessly here I am posting again.

Haven’t figured out what to say yet but I know I won’t feel compelled to post too often. For now, the blog is back to being public and will be a space for me to muse at random times.

I wonder how many ‘I told you so’s’ am going to hear. šŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “I give up!

  1. laksh,
    i am not going to go i told you so, because i didnt but i thought so šŸ™‚ but then i do realize with grad school, twins around a year old, full time work with a house to run as well – it certainly required impossible scheduling. glad:)

  2. I do enjoy your writing. While am happy for you, this is not a good sign! Internet has got deep rooted into you and you’ve to detox slowly. Start by taking off the apps from your iPhone that give you easy access. Slowly turn into pen and paper, away from wordpad. The anxiety to go online can be reduced by reading and listening more than typing.

    Of course starving at a stretch is also not healthy – slowly increase the time gap between posts, until it becomes twice in a quarter. Then you will realize how much time digital life is taking from you, not just from being online, but thinking about it! Imagine so much more time for family and self. You will also be surprised by the improved quality of your thought process

    Don’t give up so easily!

  3. I am glad you’re back Laksh. Somewhere inside me I know you will bea back and you’re back with a new feel. Like it somuch.
    Happy writing dear !!!

  4. I just clicked the link to your blog today to see what is happening. And what do I see? I love, love the new look of your website. So artistic…

    After I read your Adios blog, I could understand. With a 2 year old and full time work, I am too overloaded, I dont know how you are managing.

    In order to stay out of blogging, you should sign up for a no-blog marathon for a month or two. (like the daily blog marathon)!

  5. Havent commented on your space. But am so glad to see you back to blogging. You are a great blogger, not to mention greatest mother,wife,daughter,sister and so on…..Your words are so powerful it sometime makes me rethink. Have fun blogging again……

  6. I’m so happy its open for public again. I was one of the anonymous readers.
    I’m so happy šŸ™‚ Keep Posting !

  7. Glad you are back. I believe blogging is your calling. Please don’t give it up. Love to read your posts. It is seldom anybody has the courage to pen down ones thoughts leave alone blog abt it. Keep it going.

  8. Nice to see you back in action.Today only i visited your site after a long time.Lots of posts to catch up.


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