Things we take for granted

Looking outside the tinted glass windows at work, I saw that the storm had passed and the sun was breaking through the clouds. Leaving a tad earlier than usual, I had a smile playing on my lips that comes from doing something impulsive. I noticed traffic seemed heavier than usual. Thirty minutes later, on a commute that normally takes less than 10 minutes, the smile was gone and replaced by a feeling of weariness.

The thunderstorm that passed by had left fallen trees and broken power lines in its wake. Every signal between my work and home was out and functioned like a four-way stop. Peak traffic hour and the cars snaked their way stretching a mile and half. Inching along, I felt respite when I crossed the last light between my home and I.

Clicking to open the garage, I realized no power at home. Parking in the driving lot, I spied Amma standing by the door. There was an air of resignation. Windows open all through the home, the sticky summer air seemed to stay stagnant not moving an inch. The girls were cranky and so were we.

Hours passed, the heavily scented candle giving me headaches. As dusk fell so did the awareness of the things we take for granted. With the girls sleeping through the power outage, Amma, sis and I finding respite on the deck and K glued to the bay window out front, we painfully counted time till power was back on.

Rushing inside, feeling relieved that the ginormous packs of frozen produce were saved smiles slowly returned. Only till we found we were still without phone, internet and cable. Winding down for the night, I realized how reliant I was on technology. No TV I could take, no phone was OK too. No internet? That was something that took a little getting used to. I felt crippled.

Only in moments like these, I realize the things I take for granted. So I pause, take stock and say thanks for the everyday blessings of Uncle Sam.

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