A mighty fine daddy!

Da-da-dada-da! trickles a voice floating down the balcony filling up the kitchen and in turn my heart making me go all mushy. I hear happy shrieks and giggles follow your voice and I know upstairs there are three beings who are in a state of complete bliss in each other’s company. Sometimes you are with the babies changing their diapers. Other times giving me company as I change the little ones. Some days you give them a shower and walk back the little one all cocooned in a towel looking tiny in your arms. I watch both girls clamor for you each morning and evening and I know they are besotted.

I turn over rotis on the stove as Amma rolls them out all the while watching you on the floor with the girls playing with their toys or reading to them as the two of them climb all over you. I watch you hold the little one last thing at night just before we turn out the lights and walk out the door and the tenderness in your eyes blows my mind. Every day.

I watch you as you drive our car eyes darting every once in a while to glance at our sleeping daughters and I catch a mist form over it. Every now and then when it hits both of us, the enormity of what we have done and we both laugh and wonder how we got so lucky, I know. I just know what a phenomenal dad you will be.

For someone who grew up having her dad on a pedestal, I always wondered what kind of dad you would make some day. Going by what I have seen over the past four months, I gotta say you will give mine a run for his money.

Happy father’s day K! You are a mighty fine daddy.

7 thoughts on “A mighty fine daddy!

  1. Aww! You got me all misty eyed for you guys with this post! Every single time laks! You have to write a book soon I tell ya!

    Hope you had a wonderful Father’s day K! You guys make great parents and the girls are lovely!

  2. Happy Fathers Day K, well done for doing such a great job with all of your girls. Laksh you should stop with the MBA just write a book, it will be a great career change for you. You are a wonderful writer, with so much to express and the way that you use the words makes the reader fall in love with you and your family. God Bless you all and keep you happy, healthy and well.

  3. oh yeah- K makes a wonderful DAD 🙂 – hope Father’s day went really good for him…:), thanks for the pics, thanks for the gathering…will mail you in detail soon..UL

  4. Happy Father’s day!!! The first of many more to come…

    Hope you had a wonderful Sunday celebrating the wonderful Daddy!

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