Underappreciated and overwhelmed

I woke up to the sounds of Amma bustling in the kitchen. The dishwasher was being unloaded, the microwave humming and the cooker hissing in the background. Stretching lazily, I also heard sounds of one of the twins waking. Ignoring any temptation to snooze for a few more minutes, I jumped out of bed to start the day.

A couple of hours later as I was all set to start work for the day it hit me how much I take Amma for granted. I know I feel utterly thankful to her for everything she does around the home and more but do I express it enough? I am not sure. On the contrary I tend to take my frustrations out on her and often trade face time for pointless web browsing.

As I lay my head on her lap for an afternoon snooze, I feel her cool palms caress my face and brush away my unruly, frizzy hair. She comments on why I need a touch of oil to tuck away those strays and I smile. She mothers me as I mother my children. She plans the menu for the next day and takes care to include a green vegetable in addition to any starch laden tubers I may crave for to appease K.

As the days pass and I realize just like that one day she will be off leaving me to fend for myself and I can feel the weight of the world descend on my shoulders. While I live it up till then, I tell myself live in the here and now and let her know how much she is appreciated. So, Amma here is a shout out. You rock and I love you for being you.

11 thoughts on “Underappreciated and overwhelmed

  1. Here’s a Shout out to Amma from me also.I also don’t have to worry about cooking whenever she stays with us.I also want to let her know my appreciation.


  2. I know. I also feel that I understood my mom better only after becoming a mom myself. Its only after stepping in that shoes, do we really realize the weight they carry.

    The moms of our generation were trained (or maybe forced) not to share the not so nice side of parenting. May be if they worked like us or if they had friends and emails, they would have better appreciated themselves and stood up for them. I really feel sorry for that generation of moms. All hard work and confined to the rules of the society and no real venting sessions with friends. Or really no friends for that matter. All they had to do was think of their husbands, children and inlaws.

  3. I have been going through the exact same thoughts- I thank them for the food and tell them how much I like it. But I tend to vent my frustrations on them and then it hurts 🙂

  4. No one like Amma! Period! They come before God. We have come a full circle with them and our babies hopefully will come a full circle with us!

  5. That’s definitely lot of appreciation for Amma. I am so jealous that you get to spend so much time with your amma.

    I am so close to my mommy, as you know. I talk silly with her and she does the same. I don’t vent much with her but I let her. it’s on the phone. she longs for that long phone chats..the least I can do. again, I do it basically for selfish reasons!

    Hi to your Amma. hello kutties

  6. As Arch commented, Amma comes before God, And there is no one that can even be compared to ones own Amma. Having said that I would also like to mention my MIL aka, My husband’s Amma, who takes care of cooking and everything around the house and that makes our life easier. Happy for you Laksh, that your amma is staying with you , and enjoy every moment with her..Love to Kay and Cee

  7. Sweet..! True, easy to forget that someone is proud of you as you are of your little ones, and someone is worried for you as you are for your kids. That realization dawns on me after every phone call with my parents.

  8. A big shout out to my mom also. I want to thank her for everything which she does/doing …
    Really Ammas are great.Hats off to you.

  9. I know how you feel Laksh. I feel the same. My mom has been with me for almost an year and she will be leaving in few more days. I don’t even now know where everything is in my kitchen. I feel a big heaviness in my heart which I can’t explain, but I know it is because my parents are returning home. They have been a huge pillar of support for me this past year. On a brighter side, I am happy my kids get to spend a few more months with them, their other grandparents and all their cousins.

  10. You put it so well – brought tears! She is awesome, just like you!:) Moms are awesome aren’t they?

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