I woke up to the sounds of Amma bustling in the kitchen. The dishwasher was being unloaded, the microwave humming and the cooker hissing in the background. Stretching lazily, I also heard sounds of one of the twins waking. Ignoring any temptation to snooze for a few more minutes, I jumped out of bed to start the day.

A couple of hours later as I was all set to start work for the day it hit me how much I take Amma for granted. I know I feel utterly thankful to her for everything she does around the home and more but do I express it enough? I am not sure. On the contrary I tend to take my frustrations out on her and often trade face time for pointless web browsing.

As I lay my head on her lap for an afternoon snooze, I feel her cool palms caress my face and brush away my unruly, frizzy hair. She comments on why I need a touch of oil to tuck away those strays and I smile. She mothers me as I mother my children. She plans the menu for the next day and takes care to include a green vegetable in addition to any starch laden tubers I may crave for to appease K.

As the days pass and I realize just like that one day she will be off leaving me to fend for myself and I can feel the weight of the world descend on my shoulders. While I live it up till then, I tell myself live in the here and now and let her know how much she is appreciated. So, Amma here is a shout out. You rock and I love you for being you.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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