Q & A: The rest of them.

How is it to manage two kids at home? I mean they are so young.. is it very difficult?

Well! It definitely was a huge change going from being a couple to parents of twin toddlers in a week. The first few weeks are a blur. We just went with the flow letting the kids dictate what was needed i.e., food, diaper changes and sleep.

The biggest favor we did ourselves was to let the girls put themselves to sleep during nap time and through the night. It was hard hearing them cry but in a week they fell into a routine freeing me to attend to other stuff around the home. Then of course mom came to help and life is infinitely easier. For now. Of course, once it is just us and kids we will have to figure out how to make it work. Am sure it gets easier with time.

Why don’t you have a recipes and photo blog anymore?

I still do. Just that I no longer update them. I have made the photo blog private and the recipes will eventually go that way too till I find time to keep it current.

Why did you leave FB?

Ahh! Where do I start? One fine day I realized I had close to 200 people on my friends list and here I was indiscriminately sharing pictures and updates all day every day! It hit me that of the people on the list, there were a handful that actually took the effort to keep me clued in with their lives. It just felt so lopsided. 🙂 Then of course, the FB app is a huge time drain. I felt compelled to check, respond and update my status every once in a while. It felt like such a waste of time which of course I could be spending on doing other things that are of value. With that light bulb moment, it just took me a few minutes to delete my account and I have not regretted it since.

How do you manage to write so beautifully?

What do I say? It comes naturally! 🙂 Actually, I think it is a byproduct of a love for books and the written word from very early on in life. (This is my attempt at accepting compliments gracefully.)

How do you keep your self going, where does the strength come from?

Not sure what you mean but I think I have had a pretty easy life compared to so many people around me. Most of my perceived problems are in my mind and I try to remain cognizant of that when possible. The few times I have really felt broken like the loss of my dad or dealing with infertility, I have taken the time to grieve my loss and vented on a more private forum. I feel writing is cathartic and it lets me process my emotions in a healthy fashion. Beyond all I believe in the power of the right attitude.

How do you look at life in such a positive light all the time?

Perhaps I only write when I can be positive? 🙂 When I feel bitter or jealous or downright sad, I write but I do not publish. I believe in channeling my feelings and I do maintain more than one blog that I use to journal my thoughts in.

How do you keep the flame alive in your marriage between K & you?

Flame? Have never thought of K and I as having sizzling chemistry. 🙂 We do have a few ground rules that keeps our marriage strong. We resolve any issues before we call it a day. We do not let emotions and feelings stew over days and then finally have it all come out in one weak moment. And of course, both of us are big believers in respect for each other and in healthy sharing of duties around the house.

Why don’t you reply to your blog comments as often as you used to??

This is one thing I regret. Once I fall back and let the comments accumulate, then it starts feeling like a chore to go back and respond over a period of time. That and of course, now time is at a premium and when I have a few minutes free, I am focused on expressing the thoughts that have accumulated in my mind and is begging to be written. I hope to be able to resume replying to comments soon.

Tell me, what guides you in making a critical decision – your heart or your head?

Combination of both depending on what the decision is. Most times than not, the heart rules.

2 thoughts on “Q & A: The rest of them.

  1. This post reminded me of the 10 questions that readers post to celebrities in the Time magazine 🙂

    Thanks for taking up mine.

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