Q&A: R2I or not?

Anonymouse asked: Have you all decided to live here in USA for the rest of your life and do you ever think about going back to India?

Well! like every desi (almost) I have met here in the US, I have thought and still think about this. In the first few years here, the answer was easy. Yup! We are going back. If you remember the classic NRI X+1 syndrome. There it was. Every year, new goals to reach. The future seemed far away. Decision making not as immediate.

Now that it seems like the future is here, the question is even more loaded. The variables too many and the answers not as easy. The honest truth is I like it here. I enjoy my life. I enjoy my work. I love the uninhibited lifestyle I enjoy here. I love the rusticity of my neighborhood and the fact that basic infrastructure is something I can take for granted. I look forward to the fact that when my girls are ready for school, I will not be agonizing over admissions or wondering if we have enough to pay capitation. The list is endless. There are other aspects that I miss too. Like food and familiarity. Like celebrating festivals and missing family get together(s). Like loud weddings and temple visits.

Having said that, I also realize the life I lead now is being compared to the life I led in India in the 90s. It is not a fair comparison and I do not believe my four-week vacations in India paint the correct picture of what life would have been if I had lived there. Perhaps if I moved, I could retain a lot of my lifestyle that I live now and enjoy all that I love about India too. I don’t know.

What I have come to realize is that I no longer ‘fear’ moving back. If I had to move back for personal reasons or professional ones, I think I will enjoy the process and appreciate both worlds better.

To directly answer your question: Yes. We will move back but not in the near future. Perhaps when our girls fly the coop. Perhaps if we find awesome professional opportunities back in India. We are not actively planning it.

I have a question for you. What made you ask this question? Am just curious. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Q&A: R2I or not?

  1. So very wonderfully written and true! Exactly summarizes the conclusions I have reached about this question

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