You stand by the doorway one hand on the door, shooting lingering glances at our daughters. You bend down one more time to kiss them good-bye before you leave for work. I watch as you reluctantly close the door behind you giving me a quick nod as you go down the stairs. I hear the garage door open and close before I survey the mayhem in the living room. Amidst the strewn toys and rag dolls and the silly music from the toys, I watch the girls as they get absorbed in the next bright, loud toy. I count my blessings and smile.

Nine years. We have come a long way from getting married, wanting a family, grappling with infertility and now the adoption of our adorable daughters. I never thought I would say this but here it is. My life is complete. Complete in every single sense. You know what I admire most in you K? Your willingness to jump in feet first in all of life’s adventures I pull you into. You hesitate. You hem and haw till your feet touches the water. Then something changes and before I know it, you are swimming headfirst into the current pulling me with you.

I will forever remember the fateful phone call at 10:45 PM this January 21st. The one that changed our life upside down. I said “Twins!”. You looked horrified at the prospect of going from two to four in a week. Five minutes. Yes! that’s all it took for you to set your reservations aside and make that blind leap of faith. Every day since has been filled with childlike wonder and joy. I revel in your antics with our daughters for it means you can see the world with childlike enthusiasm. I feel a stab of jealousy when the girls prefer you to me, yet I know I and the girls are blessed for them to have you as their father. For who else will spend hours each evening lying on the floor so the girls can climb over and use your tummy as a bouncy?

Of all our anniversaries, this one will be special as now I know not only do I have a wonderful husband, my children have the best father ever.

Happy Anniversary darling! I love you more with each passing year.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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