Nine and counting

You stand by the doorway one hand on the door, shooting lingering glances at our daughters. You bend down one more time to kiss them good-bye before you leave for work. I watch as you reluctantly close the door behind you giving me a quick nod as you go down the stairs. I hear the garage door open and close before I survey the mayhem in the living room. Amidst the strewn toys and rag dolls and the silly music from the toys, I watch the girls as they get absorbed in the next bright, loud toy. I count my blessings and smile.

Nine years. We have come a long way from getting married, wanting a family, grappling with infertility and now the adoption of our adorable daughters. I never thought I would say this but here it is. My life is complete. Complete in every single sense. You know what I admire most in you K? Your willingness to jump in feet first in all of life’s adventures I pull you into. You hesitate. You hem and haw till your feet touches the water. Then something changes and before I know it, you are swimming headfirst into the current pulling me with you.

I will forever remember the fateful phone call at 10:45 PM this January 21st. The one that changed our life upside down. I said “Twins!”. You looked horrified at the prospect of going from two to four in a week. Five minutes. Yes! that’s all it took for you to set your reservations aside and make that blind leap of faith. Every day since has been filled with childlike wonder and joy. I revel in your antics with our daughters for it means you can see the world with childlike enthusiasm. I feel a stab of jealousy when the girls prefer you to me, yet I know I and the girls are blessed for them to have you as their father. For who else will spend hours each evening lying on the floor so the girls can climb over and use your tummy as a bouncy?

Of all our anniversaries, this one will be special as now I know not only do I have a wonderful husband, my children have the best father ever.

Happy Anniversary darling! I love you more with each passing year.

15 thoughts on “Nine and counting

  1. Wishing you both a very happy wedding anniversary and many more years of togetherness šŸ™‚ I read your posts regularly.. but i’m replying to your post for the first time. And i must say.. this is one of your best posts!


  2. 9 years wow, many more years to come. The traditional suggested gift is pottery or willow, so as you said you feel complete as a family, why don’t you get the hand prints of all of you in a placque (pottery) as a reminder of how special this year has been for you both. Wishing you all the very best in the years to come, big hug and lots of love to both of you.

  3. Dear Akka and Athimber,
    Wish you both a very Happy Anniversary!!!Here’s to many many more years of togetherness.


  4. Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, haaaapppy anniversary…to you and K, your post made me smile from ear to ear – then made my heart go mushy…then smile again…such a beautiful fairy tale, here is to eons of happily everafters

  5. Dear Laksh,

    Wish you and K a very happy wedding anniversary.
    Enjoy this year’s anniversary with your girls.It’s gonna be better than the previous ones I bet.

  6. How do you do it??? Yet another post filled with so much love and emotion that’d make the reader fall in love with you too!!!
    Both of you are so lucky for having each other…
    Wishing you a very happy anniversary! šŸ˜€

  7. Laksh & K,
    Wish both of you a very very happy wedding anniversary.May this anniversary be the beginning of everything that is sweet and wonderful in your lives.Hugs and Love to Kay and Cee.

  8. Dear Laksh,

    Very well written.. and our heartiest wishes for another year of happiness and laughter and love.. Many more years of same.. wishes, blessings and love for your twins

    Yazhini Karthik

  9. Beautiful indeed. Again wishing you and K a very merry life of togetherness.

    I can relate to what you mean by switching sides. Generally, at our house we play the devil’s advocate on an issue before arriving at a decision. But last week, A came over to my side without any resistance. It kinda scared me, what if I had the wrong perspective? I guess the answer then is, we are in this together.

  10. Best wishes to you both for a wonderful anniversary and may god bless your family to the fullest

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