Doing away with the rose tints

10:30 PM – Call it a day

11:30 PM – Sounds of Cee crying. Wonder if I should let her cry it out.

11:35 PM – Pick Cee up from her crib and bring her back to my room.

11:45 PM – Cee looks sleepy and ready to go back. Kay wakes up crying

11:47 PM – K rocks Cee to sleep. I pick Kay up and rock her in her room

11:50 PM – Cee goes to sleep. Kay is inconsolable

12:00 AM – Heat milk for Kay. No use.

12:15 AM – Change diaper. No use.

12:30 AM – Put her back in crib and let her cry it out.

12:45 AM – Can’t take it, bring her back.

1:00 AM – Put Kay back. Amma up as well.

1:15 AM – Still crying. K and I get into parenting debates. Try milk again. No use.

1:30 AM – Give up all pretense of rocking Kay. K and I get down on our knees and play with her. Relief!

2:00 AM – Happy Kay. Crabby mom. Tired K. Sleepy Amma.

2:05 AM – Kay playing in her crib. Rest of us go to sleep.

5:45 AM – Alarm goes off. Darn!

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