Saying Sorry!

Today’s prompt at NaBloPoMo: Do I owe an apology to anyone? Why?

Yes I do. For the reason that it involves more than just me, I will not go into reasons. But yes. I would definitely like to apologize to two people I have hurt in the past. Over the years I have learned to forgive myself but I always wonder what if I had the courage to reach out.

Sometimes it happens that we say and do things we believe are right at the moment colored by our views and what we think is right. It also is true that the same thing can be viewed quite differently through another pair of eyes. The hard part is reconciling the two views. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes not.

Writing this post feels cathartic. It also makes me relive a lot of the last decade. I have often prided myself on my ability to swallow my pride. What I learned from a few good people is that pride is a good thing. Sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Saying Sorry!

  1. Whether pride is a good thing depends on whether it comes from ego or self-esteem. Nice post. I owe an apology too. More on it tonight.

  2. Looking back, sometimes I feel I owe an apology to myself..for being too hard/too critical/emotionally immature/impossibly high on expectations , to take what would have been a better decision.

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