Today’s writing prompt over at NaBloPoMo is “Define Freedom”

The word freedom in my conjures up images of an azure sky dotted with fluffy clouds and a feeling of lightness. I associate freedom with flight. The ability to soar at an altitude and experience a kind of freedom that only being removed from everything familiar can bring.

In a way flight is a metaphor for the kind of freedom I crave. The courage to break away from everything tried and tested. To be the outlier. In everyday life to me it means the ability to do what I please without regard for others’ opinion. To live my life the way I want to without worrying about consequences. To be able to say things exactly as I feel and not wonder if by virtue of stating the obvious I risk losing a relationship.

Simple as these freedoms seem, I find myself trapped by the limits of my own setting. I sometimes venture to tear down my fences only to retreat and build them all over again. I am a victim of my own expectations.

To me freedom is the power to be truthful to who I am at my core. I have an infinitely long way to get there.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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