Letters from a daughter to her father

Dear Appa,

I woke up this morning to the sight of two mottai kutties facing each other across from their cribs and having an animated conversation about who-knows-what. As I plonked them down for their morning feed, Amma held two bottles feeding both kids while I made myself a cup of strong filter coffee. Thoughts of you assailed my mind. How I wish you had been here to enjoy these mottais I thought!

Occasionally watching amma play with her new granddaughters, I imagine you on the couch, the standard towel covering your chest smiling beatifically as you sipped your coffee or watched TV. I wonder what kind of granddad you would have made. Would you have enjoyed their antics from afar like I do sometimes or been a hands on granddad as I imagine K will be sometime? Irrespective of whether you will be on the ground playing with them or content to watch them play, I know you would have taken immense pride in their milestones. As I point to your picture and make Cee repeat “Giri Thatha” after me, tears come unbidding.

I wish you had been there to share this overwhelming joy in my life. I miss you.

Your daughter and new mommy,


5 thoughts on “Letters from a daughter to her father

  1. What a lovely heartfelt message. I am sure he is there with you every step of the way feeling very proud of all that you and K have achieved over the last couple of months – becoming a family – complete 🙂

  2. Dear Akka,
    I can understand your pain.I am sure our appas must be watching the grandkids from heaven and showering their blessings on them.Time is a great healer.


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