Feeling good so no feel good?

Yesterday was one of those rare days when K and I got some uninterrupted TV time after the kids were asleep. Flipping channels, we landed on one of those sappy feel good movies on Hallmark. The movie started promisingly enough and the picturization of rural Mexico was enough to keep us glued. As the movie progressed pandering to every clichéd ending possible, we tired of it and called it a night before the movie ended.

Moments before turning off the lights and slipping under the covers, this thought rang out in my mind. “Is it because I feel good these days that I can’t stand feel good ones?” All my life I have been a sucker for gooey feel good movies. Movies that ended in happily ever after(s) where everybody got their dreams fulfilled and the world was one big happy family. I watched stark realistic movies too but in small doses. If I watched something that haunted and hogged my mind space, then I was off watching anything for a long while.

Watching broken dreams play out on the small screen occasionally hit too close to home and I moved in search of the happier ever afters. Now that I feel life is a fairytale for now, I seem to be able to tolerate reality on-screen better.

Funny are the ways of my mind!

2 thoughts on “Feeling good so no feel good?

  1. I always prefer watching sitcom comedies like Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Seinfeld etc. My current favorite is How I Met your Mother, Dharma & Greg (Its supposed to be an old one but watching re-runs in some channel). It’s not necessary that you should have started watching it from the pilot to the finale, you don’t need to know about the characters in depth. Its like enjoying the present, just laugh and move on.

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