One week hence

Today marks one week of the girls homecoming. There are moments like now when the house is silent save the keystrokes and the even breathing filtering in through the baby monitor when I wonder if this is my life I am leading. Not in my wildest dreams did I think come February 2010, I’d be parenting twin toddler girls.

Each day is a mix of heart warming moments and frustration that simmers below my calm veneer. I grapple with dealing with my utopian ideas of child rearing and the practicalities of two active demanding toddlers. Each day is also a chance to offer thanks to the supreme powers for their part in orchestrating my life this way.

As little eyes search for me after their nap, my heart melts into a puddle of goo. As I wash their rears after a smelly diaper change, I mentally apologize to all my friends who talked about poop mid dinner. I now understand why poop rules conversation in parenting circles. For every friend I mentally cursed when they put their babbling 7 month old on the phone, I offer a million apologies as nothing sounds sweeter than the nonsense my twins are spitting out each day. I am guilty of even recording their babble.

As I enjoy the few moments of solitude, I want to say thanks to all of your for the good wishes and the outpouring of support. I will eventually get to responding to comments but till then this will have to suffice.

I hope not to turn this into a baby blog. So, while I wait for my creative juices to replenish humor me as I share tales of baby baths and first steps.

6 thoughts on “One week hence

  1. The experience of being a parent is without a parallel. It can be sweet and tough at the same time. Each word they talk, each smile, each mischief, each and everything is precious to the parents. Enjoy the moments!

  2. HI- Congrats on the double pleasure..have been following your post for quite some time- u write gr8 and I cant express my joy I feel for you, ur babies r really lucky 🙂
    I just became a new mom of a 3 month old baby and know how a baby can completely change ur life.

  3. You are expressing the same thoughts and sentiments that we all feel & experience as women. However you are one very special person, and doing a great job. So happy to hear your dream becoming a reality, enjoy all the moments the highs and lows, that is what keeps us alive, enjoying and appreciating life 🙂

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