Midweek musings

Sitting in the darkened room with a single lamp on the writing desk illuminating K’s furrowed brows as he tries to get work done, I am enjoying this moment. The babies are asleep in the other room, their rhythmic breathing punctuating the otherwise silent room save the whirring fan and quiet keyboard sounds.

It will be two full weeks of being away from home. The longest we have stayed in any hotel. Each morning as I take my ‘me’ time during breakfast I enjoy the ritual. I load my plate with standard fare and pick a corner table in the lobby overlooking a pool. I either eat in silence or catch up with Amma bringing her up to speed on the twins latest mischief.

I sometimes take this time to mull on how my life has changed in two weeks. The phone is on vibrate at most times. Two crying or sleeping babies do not make for an easy phone conversation. I have no idea what is happening at work. Each 1-2 hour trip we plan is an exercise in managerial skills, prioritising and optimizing time and materials.

Each car ride becomes a time for uninterrupted conversation for K and I as the babies sleep in the back seat. This all still feels surreal like I will wake up to a different reality than the one am in now.

The questions are many and once the euphoria dies down I am scared I will be overwhelmed. In the middle of all these whirling thoughts one thing is reassuring. I do feel this is one decision we will be grateful for the rest of our lives.

As we wait it out to get home, I realize I will treasure these two weeks for the undivided time as a new family. A time to look back on and relive countless times over.

7 thoughts on “Midweek musings

  1. Lovely post, Laksh. All I can say is that I am so happy for you and super happy to know that you are savoring every minute with your lovely kutties. HUGS!

  2. I am sure it must be quite scary. I tried to put myself in your shoes and I was ready for a panic attack combined with heart numbing happiness.

    Waiting for more updates on your adventures.

  3. Hey Laksh,

    I’ve been away for long…..and when I came back I see your lovely girls…..I am so happy for you dear…..very excited….take care all you guys….

    Lots and lots of hugs,
    Love, Rupa

  4. hey Laksh, realistically feeling scared, ‘not good enough’, anxious etc come with the parenthood package. And you and K are doing so well and so are the girls.

    Euphoria will not die down.
    God bless you all

  5. Where ever you are stay right there for a couple more days, we have snow and some more snow. Apparently the Winter Olympics has everything ready except the snow ..they can come get some from all our driveways !
    Next winter you will have a ball with the girls sledding 🙂

  6. Laksh,
    Post Partum Blues happens to all mothers. It is a normal process of being a mom. Reach out for help with your girl pals if the blues hit. I will pray that it does not hit though! Have fun laksh. One aspect that you have to let go is the seriousness of life. Watch it in amusement and it will pass through more merrily. Your mom raised 3. You are raising 2 and it will be a piece of cake. 🙂

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