To the man I love

I watch your eyes melt as you watch your daughter smile at you. Your face has this incredibly tender expression that I cannot explain. I watch the little one have you wrapped tightly around her little finger. I watch you wake up bleary eyed at 3:00 AM because you heard a cry from the next room. I watch you frustration creeping into your smile as the little one refuses to be consoled. I watch you so far removed from everything I have identified you by.

Fatherhood suits you K. It does! I see you effortlessly transition from the sound sleeper to the person who wakes up at the sound of wails emanating from the crib. I see you move from going without milk for a couple of days to save a trip to the grocers to someone who will run out thrice a day to make sure the kids have plenty. From a person who loathes clutter I hear you already speaking of buying two of everything. I see you worried about how we are going to manage two kids, jobs, school and running a home and I am impressed. This is from someone who hates planning even a week in advance. I watch you eyes glued to the kiddie channels and watching Chugginton and singing along like this is something you have done all your life and it thrills me. I see you update your Facebook account and I am amazed. This is someone who thinks social networking is humbug. I see you scan every incoming wish and read every comment on every photo I upload with only the eagerness of a new dad and my heart melts.

In the one week that we have become new parents, I am loving the changes I see. By no means are they easy or even something we envisioned but I am thrilled about the way we seem to be coping.

To the man whom I have grown to love over the years, this is what I want to say. I love you with each passing year and with each passing milestone in our life.

Happy Fatherhood K!!!

10 thoughts on “To the man I love

  1. Gawd Laksh, what a post. I am looking forward to more of them:) And congrats to K, you and the girls – one happy family.

  2. To the proud father of lovely daughters, even thought I have never met either one of you, I have come to know you from all the wonderful posts that Laksh has written. You are a wonderful man and doing a great job of being a supportive husband and father. Keep up the good work and enjoy all the new adventures that you will have now, as a new part of your life together unfolds.;)

    Very warm & well expressed post Laksh, you truly are in love 😀

  3. Awww…! very sweet indeed. Congratulations K. Nice getting to know more about you and how well you have transitioned into your new role.

  4. wonderful K, good job!and many many congratulations! soon you will be horsey, elephant what ever kay and Cee think you should be.. and we can see that you are gonna have a blast.
    Laksh! it needs lots of goodness in you to appreciate goodness in another person be it own loved one. wonderful .

  5. Hmm..Laksh, your post you brought tears to my eyes. I can imagine K being the loving father. Amazing to note the changes you are going through, K…looks like you are doing great! So thrilled for both of you..

  6. Awwwwwwww…….
    I dont have words. Both of you are so cute!! I saw you getting married…and now you step into parenthood. Cant express my happiness!!
    Kudos to you bhaiya and bhabhi. Hugs.

  7. Congrats K! Waiting to see you all soon.(At least we can come there 🙂 )
    Can imagine from your voice how proud father you are!
    Way to go……
    Amazing post and well expressed love.

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