I watch your eyes melt as you watch your daughter smile at you. Your face has this incredibly tender expression that I cannot explain. I watch the little one have you wrapped tightly around her little finger. I watch you wake up bleary eyed at 3:00 AM because you heard a cry from the next room. I watch you frustration creeping into your smile as the little one refuses to be consoled. I watch you so far removed from everything I have identified you by.

Fatherhood suits you K. It does! I see you effortlessly transition from the sound sleeper to the person who wakes up at the sound of wails emanating from the crib. I see you move from going without milk for a couple of days to save a trip to the grocers to someone who will run out thrice a day to make sure the kids have plenty. From a person who loathes clutter I hear you already speaking of buying two of everything. I see you worried about how we are going to manage two kids, jobs, school and running a home and I am impressed. This is from someone who hates planning even a week in advance. I watch you eyes glued to the kiddie channels and watching Chugginton and singing along like this is something you have done all your life and it thrills me. I see you update your Facebook account and I am amazed. This is someone who thinks social networking is humbug. I see you scan every incoming wish and read every comment on every photo I upload with only the eagerness of a new dad and my heart melts.

In the one week that we have become new parents, I am loving the changes I see. By no means are they easy or even something we envisioned but I am thrilled about the way we seem to be coping.

To the man whom I have grown to love over the years, this is what I want to say. I love you with each passing year and with each passing milestone in our life.

Happy Fatherhood K!!!

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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