It’s been a week since K and I took the girls into our family promising to cherish and love them all their life. It’s been one week of never ending good wishes and blessings pouring into our fledgling family from all over the world. One week of sleepless nights and interminable diaper changes. One week of midnight feeds and rocking colicky babies. One week of trading onesies for sleepsacks and living in that twilight zone between day and night unaware of anything beyond the four walls we are closeted behind.

We sit here waiting for paperwork to be complete so we can fly home. Home to the beginning of our new life together as a family. A place where friends and family can visit. K and I are both homesick. We are craving regular simple home cooked meals. We are longing for the comforts of more space and the familiarity of everything. It has been a great one week bonding with the babies and spending time with the new daddy.

The highlights from this week are:

Standing by the kitchen counter heating up water to mix formula only to find wee hands tugging at my pants and wanting to be picked up. My little Kay has learnt kitchen + momma = FOOD!! Waking up each morning to squeals coming from the living area of the suite we are in and tiptoeing only to see two little babies playing with each other like there is nothing different about being locked up in a suite with two unfamiliar people. Getting two babies diapered, changed and ready to go out feels like a marathon. One for which I have had no training. Food is the only thing on my mind all the time. When was she fed? Is it 3 hrs already? Perhaps she needs a snack. What if she is thirsty? And this is just the beginning. I forgive you Amma! Each day as the kids wake up from their nap, the smiles on their faces make me forget everything else. I could die for it. Every time Kay or Cee stumbles or falls, my heart leaps out of my body and I am ready to do anything in my power to prevent them hurting. With each passing day, I can see how different both girls are! Kay is clingy and a mamma’s girl while Cee is standoffish and will only go to daddy. Both of them can bring the roof down with their cries if they are hungry which seems to be too often.

I am learning that every cliché I have heard about motherhood is true!

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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