Missing the safety net

Most of my life the adventures I signed up for had a safety net. The gamble was calculated and risk mostly known ahead of time and in my tolerance range. Occasionally there would be the time when my restless mind would feel an impulse to jump. I would peer into the depths knowing I will never make the leap.

Then there are times like now when the temptation to jump sans safety net is strong. The vicarious thrill of jumping not knowing the end is enticing. So, I stand teetering on the brink, debating, swaying with the wind and enjoying the exhilaration of the moment.

3 thoughts on “Missing the safety net

  1. Everyone is saying “Just do it”. Did I miss something. Do what?
    your posting is like an excerpt from a romantic novel. So, please add the head and tail to it so that we all know what are you planning to do. Is it Para-sailing or scuba diving?
    what is it you are planning to do that is so adventurous where you do not have a net underneath??

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