Jinxes and such

Making a right turn, the sun streamed into the car startling me and prompting K into making a statement about perhaps winter being on its way out. My first impulse was to shush him and wonder why he would make such a statement. I wanted no one jinxing my secret happiness at the rather warm days we have had.

Of course that then triggered a barrage of thoughts on jinxes and such. Am not big on secrecy. I usually make it known if I have an interview or if there is something I am looking forward to. Perhaps it is my way of jinxing the jinx? In recent times, I have wondered if there is any truth to it. If perhaps by holding something close to my chest and not breathing a word of it till the deed was done would have actually ensured that it happened? I will never know.

I am curious though. What do you think? Is there merit to the fear of jinxes or are you thinking Bah! humbug!!


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12 thoughts on “Jinxes and such

  1. Hi Laksh,

    I am a lot like you and feel like I want to share my happiness with everyone out there whenever anything good happens to me or even when it looks like it’s going to happen to me… so when I then find out about friends who play things pretty close to their chest and do not share anything unless it actually happens, that’s when I wonder if I jump the gun and jinx myself.

    We live and we learn eh?

  2. I guess with age comes wisdom at least it is true on this particular matter for me. I am also the one who would announce to the world then and there..be it when I was pregnant or be it when I got a job etc. But with the last tirade of lay-off and job search there have been many a times the opportunity almost came to my hands and went away as the position got cancelled or the recruiter I was working with got laid-off etc. So then I decided to be quiet until I actually start working and yes it did wonders . So for me that is the moral of the story.

  3. Personally I think it is all about timing. And if you get the timing right, jinxing doesn’t come into it….secrecy or public knowledge wouldn’t matter then…isn’t there a quote that goes “there’s a time and place for everything” I truly believe in it.

  4. Hmm interesting question. I guess I have no opinion. Sometimes I believe in junxes, in somethings, sometimes I dont. Never wondered about it.

  5. Hehe…I would have to say that I too sometimes, indulge in jinxes. Maybe its because other people do it, there seems to be some truth in the thing not happening if you say a lot about it!

  6. I think it’s all in the mind Laksh. Mind is such a powerful thing, isn’t it? it can see a pattern in what could be random coincidences.

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