Love you! I exclaimed brightly just as I hung up the phone after talking to my sister to wish her. I sensed a moment of hesitation, an eye roll and a smile as she replied Thank you and not love you back.

Sometimes I do it on purpose. Like to my mom, I say Love you and I love hearing her shy, reluctant love you back or to K when he is at work and he will not say anything back.

I can understand where they come from and why it feels alien. I found it unnatural at some point too and am not quite sure when it started feeling OK. Perhaps the influence of the culture of which am part of now? Perhaps a realization that life is short and there is no harm telling people you love that you love them? Or maybe the misconceptions surrounding the word love has been stripped off and I feel comfortable using it?

I still wonder why ‘love’ has such a bad name. 🙂

Happy Makara Sankranthi/Pongal to all of you!

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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