Grace comes from being

This past Thursday I got home and was faced with the prospect of 2 hours to kill with no K around. Washing and loading the dishwasher my mind went places I wished it did not. I had a couple of voice mails blinking on the phone. One was from our neighbor wondering if she could stop by for a bit after dinner. I said yes and went back to the dark thoughts that circled around in my head.

Winding down after a rather long day, K and I settled into the rather cold couches in our living room overlooking the cul-de-sac watching for guests. Soon enough they rang the bell. What followed was about an hour of good conversation. As they left I switched the lights off and examined the slim bound book we got as a gift.

The next morning digging into some delicious apple cake for breakfast, I read it cover to cover. It was one of those books that I know I will be buying copies of either to lend or gift to others. It came at a time when I am unsure of the path I am on. Not that it helped me figure out what I wanted to do but it sure cheers me on no matter where I am headed. It’s amazing how little things speak volumes. I will treasure this book for what it means. The lessons it will offer me for the years to come. More importantly as a reminder of how to be there for a friend gracefully. Without words, without sympathy, without apology.

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