Looking ahead

With Birthday come and gone without a trace, the allure of the new year has me pointedly looking into the future. Each year as this rolls around, I can’t help but go back and try to recollect the highs and lows from the year past.

January saw Obama take oath, Slumdog Millionaire rise up among Oscar hopefuls making a sweep and actor Nagesh pass away. It also introduced me to Sa. I feel guilty for not having written anything after the initial flush of excitement of being asked to write for them.

February saw me stuck on icy roads late at night and forever instilled in me a fear for driving when conditions are slick. My niece turned one, ICH closed its doors and I realized I missed K very much.

March saw my Winter term end, K was back from his big vacation and life went back to a well oiled routine.

April ushered in Tamil New Year and I finally got to meet the wonderful Suman. K and I enjoyed a nice concert by Zakir Hussain and ShivKumar Sharma, Musings saw its 500th post and Spring was finally here.

May began with a prized visit from Akay, Kavya won the Spelling Bee and ended with a project for my MBA where I had to tap my dear readers.

June saw me spend a few days with a new friend from school in the city. I enjoyed the time away from home and discovered a side to me that I loved. It also saw K and I celebrate seven years of being together. We signed up with a local CSA and alternate fridays saw us traipsing through wet fields to harvest our vegetables. June also saw us make a significant decision – a step towards growing our family through adoption.

July saw my cousin from Seattle visit us for a fun-filled week, a home in our subdivision burn down and a significant slowdown in my writing at Musings.

August saw a revival in my faith starting with Varalakshmi Nonbu, my favorite Italian restaurant close its doors and us become paper pregnant. We were finally ready for a baby to come find us. August also marked for me personally a time of great introspection and a re-ordering of my life as I knew it.

September saw us in India for a very hectic two weeks. K turned a whole year older and I completed one year of my MBA.

October saw me trade my locks for a super short look. It also allowed me to explore a whole new world I had hitherto not known existed. I am talking of the adoption blogs and the whole hidden universe out there. It made me reflect on our choices and helped me prepare for a reality that would be vastly different from the one I live in now. October also saw me find closure to some invisible demons that haunted me. Fall was already giving way to winter.

November was a time for reconnecting. Every weekend saw us catching up with friends or reaching out to people we had not heard from in a while. It was also a time for me personally to reinforce my belief in God.

December saw me happier than I have been in the recent few years. Perhaps it was a combination of the fact that one more term of my MBA was getting done or that exciting things were portended for the future. Perhaps it was the anticipation of my birthday. It was a mixture of a whole lot of things. This month saw me smiling more and feeling bubblier than ever. We got a Christmas tree after many, many years of wishing for one. Musings also came full circle and moved back to wordpress.com

In all, it has been a mixed bag – this year but the highs outweigh the lows and for that I am grateful.

Happy New Year everyone!!

8 thoughts on “Looking ahead

  1. What a beautiful way to summarise a year, Laksh…beautifully expressed…wishing you many more lovely memories to cherish in the coming New Year! Cheers-Veena.

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