Slowing down

I know I have been lax with posting on here. It shows in the dwindling stats on my site stats and the fewer posts each month on my sitemap. More importantly I hear no end of it from Amma. I guess it is one of those phases in life when other things take priority. While I have nothing startling to say with this post other than that the past few weeks have been eventful.

I am nearing the end of the fifth term of my MBA. The final exam is Tuesday and I have been half-heartedly preparing for it. In other news, work has been busy enough to keep me sane and occupied outside class hours.

I love the Christmas season and this year K and I went out and bought our very own tiny tree. Four and a half feet  tall with prelit lights. we are yet to put it up. That will be this week after my exam is done. For years growing up on a diet of British authors and being a Xmas baby had me craving for my own tradition. I have imagined a twinkling tree with pretty gift wrapped boxes by its feet and a gentle snow falling outside. Looks like this will be a year of dreams being realized.

The snow part came true this weekend with us seeing our first snow fall for the season. All day Saturday the flakes fell slow, gentle and soft. I realized how much I have grown to feel part of this place as I cheered the advent of snow even though I hate the cold temperatures.

With exams getting over this week, I hope to be able to share more of my every day musings.

Have a lovely week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Slowing down

  1. Good Luck for your exams Laksh, I am sure you will do fine. I love the way you described the snow fall even though you don’t like the cold 🙂

  2. It already snowed there? It started here this morning and a snow storm is in the forecast. S too keeps mentioning that we need to get a christmas tree every Christmas. Maybe we too will join you this year to start a small tradition of our own.

  3. hope the exmas are going good Laksh. you will do well, not just the exams, in the corner office with blast of a view.

    Are you going to make decorations for thr tree.every year I start off thinking to make own decorations, but haven’t happened yet. this year too, the tree has only store bought ornaments. Enjoy Xmas Laksh, it is a season for hope, peace. God bless

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