The Avant Garde Bloggies 2009

Waking up early knowing it is Friday, I smiled and reached out for my trusty iPhone. Saw the email from Poonam asking to spread the word about the annual Bloggies she hosts. Few hours later, I read her post and nominated a few of my posts feeling awkward as I did. Then it occurred to me that I should really be linking back here to her post and asking you for feedback.

So, here is the thing. Poonam is looking for nominations under a bunch of categories. If you are looking for ways to find out new bloggers and stumble into interesting posts, stop by and take a peek. If inclined, link up to your favorite posts this year either your own or from your favorite bloggers.

Personally, I did pick a few of mine that are my favorites but I’d be curious to see what you think are my best posts this year. If you have the time, please leave a comment. I’d love to know.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “The Avant Garde Bloggies 2009

  1. I have not gone back and browsed through what you wrote again. But what comes straight to mind is your post on “Remembering Appa”. I guess it’s because it is something that is close to my heart too and it was written straight from your heart – no filtering.

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