Money talk

Opening mail late last evening I found a handwritten envelope. Quickly ripping open the cover, I opened the note to see an invoice and an agreement. I scanned it and handed it over to K. On my way to work today, my mind kept replaying my action. I am not sure if it is imbibed behavior or something I must consciously unlearn. I hate money talk. Anything that forces me to ask hard questions and requires point answers, I’d rather defer to K. In many cases, I would sign on the dotted line than ask those questions.

I am not proud of my aversion to dealing with uncomfortable things. Like money. Or mortality. But sometimes it has to be done. I wonder if it is a trait I have inherited from my parents. How does one go about changing behaviors like that? Even on the days I force myself to ask those questions, I am filled with trepidation. I feel anxious till I see a reply or something reassuring me that all is well. That I have not put somebody off by those questions.

While I battle these demons within, how has your week begun?

2 thoughts on “Money talk

  1. I hate money talk too and I also do the same! I guess if there is someone to handle it it really is okay and we should consider ourselves blessed.

    You are tagged and awarded!

  2. Actually I a just the opposite. I love to handle money and take care of almost all the finances at home. Maybe because it just comes easily to me and I have always been very independent when to comes to spending my money or my husbands. I know of friends who would not buy anything without their husbands presence or consent, but its just the opposite with me. I buy very few things when Ravi is around. I love money talk:)- SHOW ME THE MONEY.

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