Life’s little surprises

Staring intently at my monitor I was startled by a sound behind me. A friend from work stood there obvious in a rush holding out this beauty.

He was off even before I could thank him. As I set it in front of me, I realized how little things have a way of brightening up my mood. As I sat and twirled around this little piece in my hand, I enjoyed knowing that it was home-grown, cared for and shared with people who have similar tastes. These days it seems to me that random every day things have a beauty to them that I cannot capture in words or in a picture.

So, here’s to a lovely weekend enjoying the beauty in everyday things.

5 thoughts on “Life’s little surprises

  1. This says “Spice up your life” šŸ™‚

    Now that Suman mentioned ‘Milaga Bajji’, I want to have it today.

    With the Fall season (or should I say just cooler nights in CA), feel like eating more junk food !!!

  2. I so see beauty in everyday things too!
    So i could connect to this post!
    Reminds me of the chillies that used to grow in my garden in india.
    Cheers and have a good weekend

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