Under the cover of darkness

Settling in comfortably into cushions that were soft and welcoming, I tucked my legs underneath me and hugged a smaller cushion for warmth while taking in the earnest face across me in the dim lit room deep into the night. This Friday night K and I headed out to the lovely UL’s home for dinner and chit-chat. Armed with an invite to spend the night over, we reached there late in the evening. Digging into a simple rice and dhal dinner with yummy vegetable sides, we caught up on our lives. Her daughter joined us every now and then saying the cutest things.

Dinner done, UL tucked her daughter in while the rest of us did random things and waited for her to join us. It was late night as we settled comfortably in their living room. In the low lit room, warmth crept in as we shared stories, relived the past eight years and compared notes.

I couldn’t help noticing how warm and lightheaded I was feeling with every passing hour. There is something incredibly intimate about chatting away late into the night. Like a glass of wine, the anonymity of the night loosens our spirits and makes us a little more brave about baring our souls. By the time a couple of us were nodding off, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. Nothing had changed in my life since earlier in the evening but the sharing of stories and listening to some had altered my view of the world.

Waving bye as we drove away early Saturday morning, K and I enjoyed the fall foliage on our way home in near silence. We wholeheartedly agreed that it was a lovely way to reconnect and enjoy the bonds we share with friends. The beauty is in its simplicity. We do not have to drive hours on end to have to spend the night over. We do not have to take a flight to revel in the joys of staying over. Sometimes taking the time to unwind and catch up a few homes down the street is all it takes.

Here’s to many more such ‘night-outs’! Cheers!!

4 thoughts on “Under the cover of darkness

  1. I would say cheers to that Laksh….it was lovely, extremely relaxing and a beautiful feeling – to reconnect as you so rightly put it…I know it is a start to a whole new level in our relationship, my little one asked why we hadn’t come trick or treating to your place…a minute later she answered her own question, because we got late in our neighborhood, but hope your halloween was wonderful…and thank you, thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend – oh yes, we also hope to have many many more…

  2. Laksh and UL, i was expecting the post from one or both of you tonite. and there I have it. Oh I love those late night conversations about nothings. very very happy for you.

    and you can see me all in green:)

  3. Sure sure, a visit to UL’s house can do that to you. Glad you guys had a lovely time together. I do love those late night conversations, ones that you don’t want to end. Here’s to many more!

  4. Laksh,
    just curious,Why ‘Dhal’ instead of ‘Dal’?:)

    And ofcourse, I agree with the sentiments behind the post. Late nights like these also trigger memories from more care free times:)

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