Mundane. Boring. Blah.

Yup. That’s how it is.

Today I have yet another midterm behind me. As I walked out of the exam hall yesterday, I realized all the enthu and energy I started my MBA with has been sucked out of me. I push myself to classes these days. I admit though that I enjoy the financial management class much more than I thought possible. With every passing week, am so ready for the program to be over. Done with and bundled away as just another certificate sitting in a plastic encased folder.

I realize I need new beginnings. All the time. I love the start of something new. The feeling of exhilaration, the anxiety, the anticipation. Over time as I settle into routines, I feel restless, edgy and in search of the next big adventure. That explains the slowdown in posting here. The non existent entries at Sa. The lacklustre responses to comments. Everything.

So, while I wait for the next thing to pep me up, please bear with me.


Bye Bye.


5 thoughts on “Mundane. Boring. Blah.

  1. Hang in there we all have moments like this, but we must keep going as unfinished projects are far worse. You will find some thing that brings the spark back in you soon. (As I am saying all this to you in a way I am telling myself the same also). Big Hug ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. remember the office with the brilliant view – the new adventures yet to come and you will do well- good luck with the exams again, i know you will bounce back as soon as this exam is out of the way- you are prioritizing, which is good.

  3. good luck with the exams Laksh. Get over with that and we have to start working on the interior design of the office. which should be the prime color?


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