Changing seasons. Changing tastes.

As I looked at the face looking back at me from the mirror, I realized this was it. For the longest time I had wanted my hair real short and there it was. Right around my neck. Paying at the counter and slipping a tip to the girl who cut my hair, I waited for the friend who came with me to the hair salon. All through my childhood and youth, cutting my hair was a no-no. Cutting it short was blasphemy. For one instant on Saturday, I was filled with the urge to do something drastic. In a phase in my life where everything feels so out of control, the only thing I could control was the length of my hair. So, there it lay, small locks scattered on the floor.

Walking out, I ran my fingers along the neckline feeling the fresh cut edges. On the drive home I was filled with a mixture of feelings. A sense of accomplishment, a teeny tinge of regret, apprehension and fear. As the weekend flew past and all day today I was feeling a recurrent theme run in my head. The joy of doing something as impulsive as chopping off hair. To give in and do something non traditional. To act and not really worry about consequences. So what if it did not suit me? It’s hair after all, I tell myself.

But can every action that is off the well worn track be justified that way? Will I be able to live with the aftermath of it? Will I linger in regret wondering about the what-ifs?

I can only wonder.

17 thoughts on “Changing seasons. Changing tastes.

  1. Laksh, even if you have regrets later it is a wonderful feeling to do something you wanted to do all your life , so just enjoy it, one more advantage of Short hair is so much easier to manage

  2. Laksh hair can always grow again..but the feeling of impulsive action is priceless. I have done this after both the kids..especially when the harmones are haywire and weight is nothing seems to be in control. And of course the time when the hair seems to be falling like crazy, hair cut was the way to go. Now it is back to some decent length…back to my comfortable and boring style.

  3. Laksh, the new hair cut suits you very well. You look Hip. u will get used to it and then u will begin to enjoy it.

  4. I have always believed that action is better than doing nothing at all. The aftermath is something that’s always waiting for you, whether you act on your impulses and beliefs or not. So my vote is no regrets and no what-ifs – it’s just one life you’ve got to live. And what do you know? You look lovely! πŸ™‚

  5. looks like there is a pic somewhere with that new style laksh. I guess it is FB- I am not there.
    I do get a kick out off doing things like- cutting hair short. hey finally, you did it!

  6. Hi bhabhi, you look very cute.
    You wanted to do something, you did it! Take it as an accomplishment!
    Sometimes, impulses are required to get the much-needed break from the routine life.

  7. Bravo! Laksh. Looks like I am the odd sheep here – definitely not laid back about my hair at all. God knows how many times I have come close to changing my hair style only to chicken out. I love long hair too much. Not that I have one.

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