Walking out the door of my home today, I was hit with a sharp nip in the air. Despite being layered, it woke me from the half sleep state I was in as I ambled through my morning. Whistling a tune to myself I got in the car and realized with a start that summer was over. Done. Gone. Over.

I wondered what was it about Summer that made me happy. The Sun was out longer, the days were brighter, the world seemed a tad more colorful. I could sit out on the deck, go out on walks, go barefoot if I wanted. Yet. This past Summer rarely saw me on the deck or out on walks. I was closeted at home, nose buried in books or rueing the plentiful rainfall we got weekend over weekend.

How much our life mirrors Nature!

All my life I look forward to that *summer*. I am waiting for the best to come. I enjoy the times on the way but propel myself forward thinking about the summer to be. The one with the glorious sun and the beaches and the feel of sand under my feet. Some years are like this year. A summer that was invisible. Yet the hope lingers. For the one after. And I push myself forward.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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