Following in the footsteps of Mom

Sliding the glass doors of the showcase that houses the various knick knacks my siblings and I accumulated over the past couple of decades in our home in Madras, I paused. Littered through the glass plates that served as holders, there were a multitude of ceramic figurines. A pair of wolves, a dog, a fish, a peacock, a couple of vinayagars, a buddha and assorted things. I eyed them with glee. I knew my Golu hunt had started. Part of my agenda for the Madras trip was scouting for small pieces to add to my Golu.

Amma smiled and told me they were mine for the asking. Turns out they were a legacy from my mom’s mom. As I carefully dusted and wiped them clean, I imagined my grandma either getting them as gifts from her mom or her in laws. Pieces preserved over a good 60 plus years. Perhaps more. The lines on the figurines were clean. The colors muted yet solid. As I wrapped each piece individually in bubble wrap to be carefully interleaved between the folds of a saree or a salwar, I realized how much like my mom I was becoming.

Years back in our annual sojourns to Amma’s native, I would look with disdain as Amma lovingly packed fresh pitted tamarind or raw mangoes as a relic from her home town. It amused me that she coveted the solid coffee filter that belonged to her grandmom or the brass vessel that had been in the family for generations. I felt the emotion she must have on each trip to her maternal home.

There is something very tangible about owning a heirloom. A tenous link to generations past. Its worth dictated by the owner. As I packed two huge suitcases worth of stuff from Amma, I realized how much these annual visits home must have meant for amma. A time to relax, unwind and feel at home. To be pampered by her mom as she pampers me today. To indulge in painstakingly made kozhukattai or walk on the terrace exchanging stories from our life past.

As I leave “my” home for K’s tonight, I will look back fondly on these three days. Days spent shopping for clothes and simple roadside stuff. Days that will mean a lot more in the future when I look back on my past.

On a different note, I had my first brush with the silver screen today when a guy from Vijay TV asked if I could offer soundbytes on Navarathri for them. Vanity sure feels good!

10 thoughts on “Following in the footsteps of Mom

  1. Yep, cherished heirlooms like yours are priceless, especially if you have such wonderful, warm memories attached to it. It takes you on a time journey every time you look at them. Have a wonderful time, Laksh! and way to go on your brush with Vijay TV πŸ™‚

  2. hey star! I didn’t know the hidden agenda of this trip was the TV appearance:)after Vijay TV, what next?:). enjoy the rest of the trip.

    will come back alter for more comments on the real subject of the post

  3. Lovely post! Dropping by…

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  4. My mother always does that when she returns back to India and visits her siblings. I started from a very young age and made sure I kept all of her jewellery that I liked. I feel I should share with my sisters now though, it is only fair.

    Make the most of your holiday in India, wish I was there – soooooooo lucky you are. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Lakshmi

    I have enjoyed your postings. HOpe you had a great trip to India. Are you not on facebook anymore? Normally i get alerts on facebook when you post.. kind of miss it.


  6. Laksh,

    It is like coming full circle isn’t it? except that It has been much faster. I almost think like my mom used to in her 40s you know(although I am in my early 30s).May be the information age. but anyways my point is you really identify with them now.
    Very well written post once again…thanks a lot…

  7. @Nandini: Sure is.
    @Gayu: Was fun. :0
    @Shy: Waiting for the rest of your comment. ;p
    @IMCurtain: Thanks.
    @Kiran: I do that too except that I have no intention of sharing. πŸ™‚
    @JS: You should make a trip then.
    @Ekta: Thanks. Golu has to do with Navrathri. Welcome here.
    @Aparna: Am back on FB and will enable alerts. How have you been? See you tomm.
    @Aarthi: Thank you. Sure is a full circle.

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