I imagine

I imagine her shy, soft spoken and warm. Her eyes gentle behind bushy eyebrows. Her saree wrapped casually, busy frying treats for her son. Other times, I imagine her chuckling, heartily enjoying the rented movies playing on our tiny TV screen. I imagine her enjoying a softy cone in bright daylight her son by her side a smile playing on his lips. I imagine her sitting with pride in the passenger seat on the front row watching her baby drive her to places she had not dreamed of. I watch her in my mind offering prayers to God. Earnest and heartfelt.

I imagine her palm on my head blessing me, sharing with me her first born. I imagine her walking with me side by side sharing insider jokes and forming a front against the menfolk of the house. I imagine her taking me to task for not letting her do all the work in the kitchen. I imagine the warmth and the love. I imagine the shared kinship. I imagine one another mother to call up every week.

Sometimes, I think I really do know her. Maybe I do.

8 thoughts on “I imagine

  1. Very well written, is it her birthday ? It is wonderful when we can finally have a relationship with our mother-in-law the same as we do with our mothers. There is a lot to learn out there from all mothers…

  2. @ramesh: am not sure I really follow what you say
    @manchus: yes.
    @Rekha: No. And I regret that.
    @gayu: Thank you!
    @Kiran: Thanks. It was her death anniv.
    @Suman: Sure does.
    @Shalu: Strangely I miss her too.

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