Little Miss Sunshine

OK. Not little but still sunshiny. I did wake up in good spirits this morning. Did my bit to infect my co-workers and now at my job with energy. What a difference attitude makes!

Perhaps its the fact I will be seeing my sister this evening? Perhaps its that the weekend is around the corner. Perhaps it’s the fact that this vile Summer term at school is nearing its end? Or a host of other things I can’t really go into now but I feel happy. And cheerful. And Sunshiny!

Have a lovely weekend!

7 thoughts on “Little Miss Sunshine

  1. It is always great to have a happy, positive day and go forward in life. You are our little miss sunshine as you make me happy and happiness can be contagious. Have a fab weekend 🙂

  2. see waking up on the other side of the bed helped:).I’m sure you ahd fab time with kutti. I can say it because I spent a whole day with my sis on friday. so laksh, keep up the to more sunshine days!!

  3. @gayu: Thank you!
    @Kiran: I love the way you say it.
    @JS: Not much new here. Been losing the urge to write these days
    @Manchus: Weekend was fun.
    @SSQuo: How have you been?
    @Shy: Cheers! Hope so.

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