The juices are flowing again

Or at least am conning myself into believing they are. It has been a good break. A time to put things into perspective and take a long, good look into many things that were hogging my brain space. It did not help that my accounting midterm was giving me nightmares. Now that is behind me, I look forward to the next few weeks with relief.

So, what have I been up to? Not much in terms of everyday life but quite a lot in terms of my mental landscape. Hopefully slices of that will sneak into posts going forward.

While I have been gone, I have been touched by the comments on my FB page as well as the come back soon comments on here. It sure feels nice to be missed. Just Someone gave me the nudge that made me come bounding back. She in her inimitable style has passed on the Kreativ Blogger badge to me among seven others. Thank you so much!

Hope to get back to regular writing going forward. Thanks for checking in!

14 thoughts on “The juices are flowing again

  1. Welcome back Laksh! I have been peeking off and on with the hope that you would start writing. I am glad you are making a comeback 🙂 Looking forward to lots of interesting posts whenever you find the time to put them down.


  2. Hey, good to see you back. Was checking this website every other day to see you are back. Glad u r back now and the break help.

  3. Hmm..I thought you could easily cross at least 20 days.Old Cliche “You can’t stop a dancing legs or writing hands”. Good to read your musings again

  4. Welcome back Laksh! 🙂 Villageboy’s comment made me grin too. Is it not this how it goes – “Aadina Kaalum; Paadina vaayum summa irukkathu”. Waiting for your more refreshing posts soon.

  5. @Lakshmi: Thank you! Not sure about the lots or the interesting. Am hoping I can continue to write as it really helps me keep a journal of my life as it happens. 🙂
    @Suman: Thank you! Feels good to be back too.
    @Hemani: Thank you. I feel so welcome.
    @ifoundme: Thank you!!
    @Radhu/Sachita/Shalu/Anonymouse: Thank you!
    @JS: Thank you for prodding me.
    @Saras: I hope the break helped. Don’t know yet. Still feeling kinda ambivalent. There are things about the blog being a public medium that caps what I can write about. ;p
    @Villageboy: I was thinking of that too but something in me said if I went too long I might end up shutting the blog down.
    @Deepa: Thanks for the tamil version. Dunno about the posts being refreshing but I do feel good being back.

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