For real this time

On and off, I have mentioned a lack of inspiration. Right now between work, home and school, I feel stretched. Logging on here is starting to feel like a chore and it never used to feel that way. I don’t really care for this feeling. So, instead of going to a state where I feel compelled to stop doing this altogether, I am taking a break.

For real this time. Till I get my head sorted. Or something life changing happens. Or ideas start bouncing off my head.

See you all later. Its been good while it lasted.

19 thoughts on “For real this time

  1. Hey is there a way we can all talk you out of it? You had been pretty regular with your blogs and the blog contents did not seem labored at all. It made good reading. Why stop altogether? How about once a week or so –
    We sure hope you come out of temporary “retirement” as often as Brett Favre does – Anyway will keep checking for new posts šŸ™‚

  2. Good that you are taking a break from blogging. A nice Sabbatical on this routine will refresh your blog part of brain and reset your thoughts.
    Dont worry, people will always love quality material and come back refreshed , recharged and with lots of good thought provoking blog ideas
    will visit you later (Say a month šŸ˜¦

  3. You will be missed – this is like my daily cup of coffee:) but I understand the “feeling stretched” state! So, have a nice break – hope you don’t feel pressured about anything… enjoy your days!

    Hugs and best wishes you way
    Take care
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. its been more than 10 days now:-) Still not interesting in coming back? if you are reading all the comments silently and visiting your blog almost everyhour, then it is not truly a break.
    Come-on, atleast put a comment here, as “Someone”, so that we wont know that it’s you.

  5. @Madhu: Have fun. Hope to hear from you after you are back.
    @Ooms: Not much longer. Am back šŸ™‚
    @Saras: thanks da. hopefully back with enough energy to see me through each day.
    @Shalu: Am back!
    @Anon: Thank you! Your comment helped btw. šŸ™‚
    @friend: Month was too long. Two weeks has been good. Really needed that break.
    @Aarthi: Awww! Thank you!
    @Just Someone: Thank you. Both of the comment and the award.
    @SK: I know. Am glad I held out. It really helped.
    @Mads: Thank you! Am back!
    @Madhu: šŸ™‚ That was sweet.
    @Friend: I promise I did not stop by any day. I did see the comments cos I get them by email. It really felt good to be away.
    @Anon: done!
    @Preeti: Am back. BTW been enjoying your posts even if I did not comment.
    @friend: Not really.

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