Do it now!

If you have been missing coming over here to find something new to read or shake your head at how boring I can be, I hear ya!

Over the past few weeks, I have felt a fog descend on me suppressing all creative urges. There are so many things I want to write about but can’t bring myself to. I hope this is a phase. In the meanwhile, I got an email from the Contact Me section of Musings that said “I encourage you to write a book, but not later. Do it now.”

Somehow that one line had the effect of cheering me up. So, a silent thanks to the person who wrote in. It means much. I just might get started. ;p

For the few of you who have been popping in religiously here is the link to a new piece I wrote for Sa. Hop over and check it out. My first attempt at story style writing.

8 thoughts on “Do it now!

  1. Just do it ! 🙂
    We are all going to be with you just take the step and do it, like I have told you before you write wonderfully and have most certainly helped me.
    Just read your article on Sa and thought it was great left a comment there.

  2. You are always great at what you write 🙂
    I always come back:) for more .. Interesting reads 🙂

    And that is a great tip! Will look for your novel! 🙂 to read!

  3. I just read it Laksh – I love the way you write! I’d buy the book – no doubts about that 🙂
    So don’t think too much, just do it….

  4. I too have been popping in religiously, but somehow did not leave a comment. SORRY! Commentor’s block I guess! It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, actually I have too much to say. Especially in the post you had written about going to the local chat corner with your friends and you noticed how a newly married girl was there too or the post where you had been to the temple and joined the bajan session. Somehow I didn’t get to write it.

  5. Hi Laksh. It has been a while since I dropped by. Glad to see you still here… (unlike me!). I have always thought of you as a fantastic writer – so, the idea of you authouring a book is of course, a good one 🙂 Go for it! xx

  6. @Kiran: Thanks! Actually the past few days I have been internalizing that thought and I know someday I will write. There is so much I want to just put out there and hope people will relate.
    @JS: If I ever write one, you will get a copy autographed by me for sure ;p
    @A: Thank you!
    @gayukaush: Thank you!
    @Bavani: Thanks much! Like I said. Definitely one of these days I will take the plunge and Just do it!
    @Madhu: You should share your thoughts on taht post sometime. I would love to hear that. Hope you are having fun in India.
    @Spillay: Thank you Sumi! Someday I promise. Saw your blog is no long available. Felt sad.

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