These words have never rung so true than this week. Three plus years into my current job,ย  I am revisiting the fundamentals of the proprietary software we work with and as I go over each element of the complex maze that our product is I feel amazed at how far I have come. As I wait patiently for my protege to follow my instructions and try out basic things, I feel pride.

As I scour the recesses of my brain for long forgotten commands and keyboard shortcuts, I realize not too long ago I was being mentored to. As I sat manual in hand and basic instructions on our code management process I felt lost and was in despair. I remember hesitating to approach my peers with ‘dumb’ questions and wasting hours in the process. Somewhere in the mid of these years I have been here I realized feeling a sense of clarity. The joy of the pieces coming together beautifully. The happiness at understanding the internal workings of the different pieces.

While I still have a long way to go to reach subject matter expert levels, I feel proud at the progress I have made. I enjoy sharing what I know and revelling in the successes of those around me.

To teach is to learn again indeed!

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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