Feeling happy. For a stranger.

Waking this morning I hopped on to Google Reader while my eyes were still resisting sleep. Saw a new post on MirrorCracked. Now Nikhil is a blogger I have been following just recently. Perhaps in the past one year. His posts reek of a genuine nice person. I read it for glimpses into his personality. And I like what I see. So, today when he had posted on the reason for his recent disappearance I was thrilled. Not just because writing a book to me is the stuff dreams are made of but also because there is something about the title and his little intro blurb caught me. It is like sharing a personal story with someone you know.

I know I would want to read it when it is available, I also thought I’d want to plug it here. Not because Nikhil asked me to but because it is one of those things that make me happy. To feel happy for someone I barely know because something about what they did struck a chord with me.

So, if you have not been following MirrorCracked so long do so now. If you are looking for a new read check out Simran when it comes available.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about being happy for strangers or people we know of. This person & his book sound great from what little you have written about him, will be checking him out soon.

  2. @Nalini: Great! 🙂
    @Kiran: I am yet to download his book. Been away from blogland for a while now.
    @JS: Its nice to read someone who is down to earth right?

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