What have I been upto?

Apart from getting ready to host my cousins from Seattle whom I visited last September, work has been keeping me busy as well as school. It has been one of those spells when no inspiration struck. There has been a lot running on my mind though. Perhaps one of these days, I will be able to crystallize it in words.

On a different note, when I wished a colleague Happy 4th, I said something that resonated with me for a long time. “Guess one of the good things about having lived in two countries is that both feel like home and both independence days have come to mean much.”

It is true. I alternated between two phases for the longest time. A time when it was cool to denounce anything desi and a phase where everything desi was cool. Patriotic sparks flew whenever the topic of India came up during get-togethers. Now, finally am at a place where both countries feel like home.

The first time it really hit home was when Akay was here end of April and we visited downtown Philly and stood in the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the constitution drafted. I have been on that tour before but this time felt different. I ‘felt’ a sense of thrill. Of sharing space with ghosts of the past. In a strange way, it all felt natural.

Every year my American friends talk of grilling and fireworks to usher Independence Day in. Someday, I think I will start my own tradition to mark this holiday. As years pass and I feel a sense of connection to this land, I feel incredibly lucky. To have been born in one with thousands of years of history and be part of another that is making one. As I straddle both worlds, I count myself blessed. Twice over.

Happy Birthday to my adopted country.

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