Caption This – Epiphany


I stepped out of my home rushing to get to work for an early morning call. In the throes of the morning rush, this bunch of bushes caught my notice and I slowed down visibly. Mentally too. I stopped to admire and capture it. Settling into the passenger seat as I always do, I fiddled with the phone and eventually kept going back to the picture.

Wondering what was it about this simple picture of a flowering bush by the wayside that captured me so much, I realized it had to do with my frame of mind. Caught in a mindless rush of emotions and thoughts hurtling towards the future, the simplicity of a flower that lives but for a few days, gives joy to many and food to the bees that swarm around it made me stop in my tracks. These past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking so much about the future that the present has been passing me by.

In honor of the flowers that brought me back to earth, I title this Epiphany. I would love to hear your take on this.


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7 thoughts on “Caption This – Epiphany

  1. I love those Shasta daisies that always makes me smile. I have planted them at my home. Simple flowers that bring absolute joy to the heart.

  2. nice shot… not all pictures are artistic or have a soul to it… sometimes pictures just reflects the mood of the person capturing it… and I believe this picture clearly shows that…

  3. @gayathri: I didn’t know the name of these flowers till I saw your comment. Thank you! I love them.
    @Umesh: That sure is true!
    @JS: Short and sweet.
    @Selvi: That is true. Most pics I take are spur of the moment ones and I treasure them.
    @Devi: Its so Spring right?
    @slk: That too.

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