Imagine this.

All your life growing up, you took it for granted that you’d grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, build a career, have babies, go through mid life crisis, lose your parents and retire. If somewhere in this list, you hit a glitch, how do you cope? You look around and all the people you know seem to be chugging along predictive lines. Where do you go for inspiration? Do you trust yourself to take the right decisions? Do you look to strangers for inspiration? What is it you do?

This is not about me. This past week I have been going through strange conversations in my head which is making me rethink all my safe ideas of the future. I realize I have no clue. About coping, about reaching out. About anything at all.

7 thoughts on “Clueless.

  1. There are two sides to any coin right Laksh. For every few people that seem to be chugging along, there are a few others that are facing the “glitches”. When you (speaking in general here) look at the ones that chug along, also pay attention to the ones that are facing “glitches”. Then the focus is not on what is missing, but what you are blessed with. Also Laksh, even for the ones that seem to be chugging along, who knows what struggle they had to undergo to come to that chugging along stage. As they say, everyone has a story to share.

    You have raised some excellent questions, unfortunately there are no easy answers.

  2. Laksh, look inside you- you will find what you seek – often when we look for inspiration externally, you may not find it – because those around you are likely going through a similar scenario albeit a different problem… I know – it is not easy in real, but one could always try with practise right? Also life is never about safe ideas – because nothing can surprise us more than life itself…so get rid of those safe fallbacks – and take some risks, you might find that life is very adventurous….

  3. There’s one quote that comes to my mind “Trusting in God will not make the mountain smaller, but will make climbing easier. Do not ask Him for a lighter load, ask for stronger back.”

    There are times you take the beaten path(just because its easier, without having to reinvent the wheel) and then there are times when you make a path for yourself- based on your set of circumstances and ‘glitches’- your inner wisdom and strength will help you get there. Looking at other people who are chugging along (perceptively) predictive lines doesn’t help you get over your glitch one bit. I loved what UL above has said, there’s another quote for this(but of course šŸ™‚ – ‘God never said life would be easy, He just said it would be worth it.”

  4. Got to go with Suman here, especially on looking more carefully at those who seem to be chugging along and whether you would really like to be one of those chugging along. Everyone does have a story to tell, and the funny/sad thing is that they probably feel everyone else has it so good!

  5. We always think the grass is greener on the other side, but like I told you in the mail I sent you earlier it is all about how we look at things in life. Like what Suman said, always count our blessings twice and everything happens for a reason, when the time is right you will know what to do. I think there was something like that written in the Gita, ‘you do not get more then what you deserve, and you do not get it before the time when you need it’ or something like that. Just sit back & look at the big picture, and listen to your heart it will always tell you what to do. You will find the strength you need from within.

  6. I used to be a person, who planned everything to the T. We suddenly realized that as much as I want to plan, we can ply plan and teh execution is in someone else’s hands. But that does not mean, we give up. When I want inspiration – I think of families who have lost near & dear one’s and who try to find joy in their sorrow and say to myself,” cha–look at them, what are you crying for?”

  7. @All: Thank you so much for the different perspectives.
    @Altoid: Love the quotes. šŸ™‚

    In general I think my thoughts did not translate well into words. I was feeling stumped at facing something totally new and did not really know whom to turn for help. I think am past that now. šŸ™‚

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