New horizons

Last Friday went past in a blur that included working on a presentation, presenting it and heading out to a reception where the winners were announced. Circling the room with my tray of veggies and dip, I met some nice people, conversed for conversation sakes and clapped till my hands ached. As the winners went up to receive the trophy, it suddenly hit me that I did care about winning. It was fine and dandy to say winning wasn’t everything and not giving hundred percent. It was cool even. But it was not me. Lesson learnt.

Mulling over these thoughts, my friend and I headed back to the room. Relaxing a bit, we then stepped out for a spot of shopping. Most shops were closed. Wandering past Wharton, I was awestruck at what represented the best in business schools. Stopping to get a mug shot, we went past and found ourselves at this college hangout called Mad Mex.

Hesitating for just a moment, I followed my friend in. We found a good part of our class there. The evening was young and the conversation varied. Shouting to be heard and nursing a glass of Sangria, I clicked away with my phone. The faces around me looked relaxed, the smiles bigger and suddenly the world felt friendlier. Hanging out for over an hour, we then left to get dinner at a local pizzeria. It was getting dark and the conversation took a different turn. As we shared peeks into each others lives, a new friendship was born.

The following day, driving back home my mind was in a swirl of thoughts. In the three days I had been away, I had not had the time to think of home, worry about whether K had food or if the team I worked with in the office had issues and needed to talk to me. The world went on. All was well and I enjoyed leaving behind everything I knew to make forays into a world that had always intimidated me. In some ways I felt younger, care free and enjoyed the anonymity it offered. I was free to define myself any which way I wanted. Like writing on a clean slate.

With every term of the MBA that is over, I am not sure what value I am taking away from the courses I complete, but I do know that I am evolving as a person. Each class and every activity pushes me beyond my comfort zone and I am liking what I discover. To new horizons I think and clink glasses mentally.

2 thoughts on “New horizons

  1. Nice post. I love the fact that you are morphing into a confident individual who is ready to overcome boundaries.
    I guess that is what schooling here probably teaches you. We were confident bunch at the start of WASE for sure, but when we came here the cultural divides kind of put us off in the backseat. We started having our inhibitions, but for many career brings along this magic wand. For some school does 🙂 Hope my understanding is right.

  2. @Manchus: Very right! I think school is much more informal than work so it feels OK to push boundaries.

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